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 New Server Event!

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PostSubject: New Server Event!   Wed Nov 16, 2011 6:03 pm

There will be a new server event coming for Saturday's and Sunday's.
The command will be ::weekend , What weekend is?
Let me explain - Weekend will be in deep wild , and once you do the command ::weekend , it will teleport you to the place , and it will be a big square where you cannot get out from ,
Questions : Theres no way to get out?
Yes , there is a way , there is going to be a portal that teleports you home.
You cannot use the portal to get you home , While your in combat , Teleblocked and etc.
You will be pking there and there will be monsters that dont hit much around 5-7
It will have 2-4k hp and every weekend it drops something new.
One weekend it can be something good like ags or claws?
and the other weekend it can be something like Dbow , Colorded whip and etc
They wont be always good.
I'll tell you one thing , Its gonna be really fun! Pk Clan's Fighting and etc! Very Happy
Look out for ::weekend this Saturday! or maybe Friday night! Will be announced!


#Supporter Of the Deathly-Hallows , Kevin


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New Server Event!
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