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 How the eco works. & updates.

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PostSubject: How the eco works. & updates.   Sun Oct 16, 2011 8:12 am

The eco works like this.

- Player 1. Selling Chaotic maul 80b.
- Player 2. Okay i'll give you d claws which have a street value of 80b.
- Player 1. Okay.
- Player 2. Thank you.

Better example,

- Player 1: Selling full torva 800b.
- Player 2: I'll give you x10 d claws for it.
(now 10 d claws is equal too 800b.)
- Player 1: okay.

Now player 1 can sell the d claws for 80b or for another item such as an ags, which has a street value of 80b also.

Hope this clears up some eco trouble.

Updates i have been working on, are increased combat hits ( more critical hits).
Shops, I will be releasing a shop that has bandos items, fury, obby shield. etc. Your main pking shop.
Drop partys will be more active as server grows. We won't ruin the eco with it tho. So don't worry.
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How the eco works. & updates.
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