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 Prit for moderator. Please read its very long.

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PostSubject: Prit for moderator. Please read its very long.    Tue Oct 11, 2011 3:21 pm

Admin/Moderator Application Template:

Name/Ingame Name: Prit

Age: 18

Country/Timezone: England/GMT Timezone.

In-game Name(s): Prit

Average Activity Time Per Day: 4-5 Hours A Day.

Position Applying for: Admin

Previous Experience:

Admin: ResolutionJivxx - This was really my first server i really enjoyed to play as i had played others before but never introduced me because of the community, which really matters to me when playing games as this is the time to generate Internet friends which you can spend time with when your not out partying and drinking. This server was a spawn server and it needed some staff so i thought might aswell give it a shot and try how well i can adapt being part of a development management team. I personally, enjoyed my time at this server and served for around 8 months as on the early 9th month my grandma fell very ill and was admitted to the hospital for a month in which i had just given up being active even though i was still on forums for a bit but not in game.

Mod: Flux - This was like the proper legit server where you have to work your way up but the leveling was like RuneScape style but just like 1.5x faster, so frankly it wasn't that much. This server had around 300-400 players online a day and was a well known server which was owned by "Flux" himself. He currently is hosting and playing a server of his own called "Jolt" i presume. I was here for around 1 year and 11 months. Couple of freinds of mine on that server thought i could attempt to apply for Moderator as there was a couple of spaces after some got demoted because of hi-jacking the rules and taking the advantage of being a Mod. I applied and i got accepted and just started to enjoy more of the community helping out on forums and being able to support the community which just lost 3 mods.

Admin: Riveria XScape - This was one of the Unique servers i had ever joined. The community was Brazilian including the Owner and the staff. They all spoke English but it was like broken and most of the items were in Brazilian language so i always had my Google Translator up and going lol for when i was playing. I was here for a year, i got contact with the owner and he was like my idol i had ever seen, he just supported every member of the game, he was like mega-active even though he was owner. We got more friendly and he just had faith in me to help him out and so he promoted to Mod first but then Admin the next week because he was going inactive for a couple of months because of IRL issues. This led it to become more months and then the server eventually died and he had quit because of the ongoing IRL issues.

Co- Owner - Choaticv3x - Very Very, small community this was one of my friends server we started out first and then we gradually got a couple of players after advertising on other servers and some websites. Max we ever got was 46 i think. Average played 20 ish. Was still something for a server. Here i just really helped out when he was away and acted as the owner when he was absent.

Reason you are applying:

I enjoy playing this server and i have the capabilities of acting as an admin for this server i have had previous admin ranks before and i have thoroughly enjoyed playing the role of being their for the head admins and owners who sometimes don't have enough time to play and are busy coding for the server to make it better. I personally think, when we have more players which im currently advertising on a couple of servers we should get more players and everything will get more hyped up in the game. Anyone who would join this server would find all the interferes amazing created by Stuart and they wouldn't quit therefore, i would like to be there for the newcomers and want to build a correct and positive reputation for this server and do well Also i dont think there is an Admin in this server who is GMT timezone if there is then let me know

What will you do if chosen to be a moderator:

Well if i don't get chosen for Admin im going to play the same role i would do normally, help out people who are new the server, get them started by applying on Forums which would mean more forums posts and more activity. The forums look incredible and are a great feature for this Private server that no-one would particularly miss including myself.

About Yourself:

Im 18, living in England, studying at College doing Law and my passion is to become a Primary Teacher. I just love teaching children because they are cute

Extra Information:

Nothing more to say, Im Prit and saying Hello to you folks I hope i get to know more people in this game and create a major gaming friendly community.

Im really sorry if this was too long but i personally feel if when applying for a rank on servers people need to know what type of personality you have and your not just doing it for the rank your doing it for the server.
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gf r4ng3r


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PostSubject: Re: Prit for moderator. Please read its very long.    Tue Oct 25, 2011 8:37 am

dude i never see you ingame lol i ply server 3-4hours a day and ive never seen you ingame.

you'r maby a staff hunter or something well idk lol sorry if i say anything bad you need to be more ingame if your applying for admin.. i even thing you should apply for trial mod first then when you get mod you should apply for admin Very Happy
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Prit for moderator. Please read its very long.
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