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 Twinky - Read Please.

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Koala Sex


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PostSubject: Twinky - Read Please.   Fri Sep 23, 2011 9:11 am


Sorry for posting here but i couldn't find a spot to post General information or suggestion, i tried posting in General section (admin only) Anyway i was here today to ask you if you could add more Ranks, especially Guide Maker Wink. i know these aren't the best forums to put ranks on and you are expecting to get donations for Vbullitin i think it was. but it would be great to get more ranks on these forums. i would also like to suggest to get phpbb forums, i have made many of these and had great fun with them, i also had php as my old server forum. with phpbb you can edit top to bottom Smile. and add a suggestion Category thanks

~Koala Sex
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Twinky - Read Please.
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