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 New Weekend Update!

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PostSubject: New Weekend Update!   Mon Nov 21, 2011 11:32 pm

The Deathly-Hallows Community , A week or two twinky mentioned a ::weekend update that will be done later on.
Well , we have most of it done and we will be working on it later on today and Tomorrow.
Some of you guys have questions like "when will it be released?" All the questions will be answered.
It will be released this weekend and it will be deep in wild.
There's going to be a portal that teleports you to home. You cannot use the portal if your teleblocked.
You can use it while your in combat.
And heres another thing Twinky thought of.
During the weekends there will be a command ::weekend where you can get to weekend , but during the week(weekdays) if you really want to go bad , because you missed out during the weekends , your gonna have to walk there (:
Another thing that will be in weekend is going to be an low level NPC , or maybe a high level but doesn't hit much.
That NPC will have up to 3-4k hitpoints. Every weekend it will drop an new item , one weekend it can be a pair of dragon claws , the other weekend it can be a party hat.
You really wont know until you get the drop Very Happy and it wont have high drop percentage , and it wont have low drop percentage.
And Yes , you can pk there and it will not be a safe pk area , if you die you loose your items. Clan Pk Battles can happen there and etc.

So yeah guys , just wait for that cool update! You people out there that love to pk , your really going to like it!



#Supporter Of the Deathly-Hallows , Kevin


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New Weekend Update!
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