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 Koala's/Twinkys Bitch

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PostSubject: Koala's/Twinkys Bitch   Sun Nov 20, 2011 9:19 am

Hey, It's Brodie (Koala Sex). I was able to get onto Sam's (deathly) account.... And i wana request for him to be my bitch for when i get back onto the server or even to be your bitch. For when he yell's. ([Twinky's Bitch]: Hey everyone) And for login (Twinkys Bitch Has Logged In!) somewhere along those lines. He's never on forums so he wont notice this but just delete it after u have made up your mind. This will piss him off, it will be funny. Yes/No

Thanks Twinky <3
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Koala's/Twinkys Bitch
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