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 First quest? Legends' Quest

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I Am Legend


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PostSubject: First quest? Legends' Quest   Fri Nov 18, 2011 10:33 am

(Might need to add some items to Do this quest) c(:

Skill/Other Requirements:
- 70 Prayer
- 80 Herblore
- 90 Agility
- 85 Crafting
- 95 Smithing
- 80 Strength
- 75 Thieving
- 75 Woodcutting
- 80 Mining
-94 Magic

Item Requirements:
- 150 noted cakes (Obtained during quest)
- The Ability to kill a level 175 Black Demon.
- Good armor
- Good weapon
- Prayer potions

- Access to the Legends guild.
- Ability to wear Legends' Cape.

Teleport to Ardougne using a Teleport tab, and run north east to the Legends guild.
Speak to one of the guards, and he will say:
"Welcome to the legends Guild. If you want to enter, you must complete my tasks. Are you skilled enough to complete my tasks?"
Pick the Yes, I can take on any task! Option, and he will continue.
"Your first task, find your way out of this cave!"

You will automatically be teleported to the Lumbridge cave.

At the end of the tunnel you will find a hole. Squeeze through it, and you will be automatically teleported back to the Legends guild. Speak to the Guard again and he will say:
" Your next task is to get me 150 cakes" (stall not working at the moment)

Fill your inventory, bank, and run back until you have 150 cakes.
When you get 150 cakes, note them, and put your armor on. Then go back to the Legends guild. Speak to the guard again, He will take the cakes, and he will say:
"your last task is to kill the Black Demon!, get ready!"

Use protect from melee and take a sip of prayer potion when needed, and you will do just fine: (I think this guy Should be beast a little challenge to kill)

Once you killed him, you are done!
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First quest? Legends' Quest
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