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 future mod application

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firecape v1

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PostSubject: future mod application   Thu Nov 17, 2011 3:09 pm

hello everyone i am firecape v1 - billie

I know that there is no point in making an application to become a mod right now because the server is being updated and there isnt many players.
i'm making this application for when the server is updated and ready to become a good server with many players, i have recently coem from a server called crisisx witch has just been shut down by the owner because he doesnt want to programme anymore Sad but the good thing is that i'm here to help and play like i did on crisisx, the only other server i have played is deltascape witch was the best!

Also before the server is ready to become big i have been telling kevin some glitches that need to be patched before players come, when you are ready to get more players i will help there too as all the players on crisisx still havnt found a good and upcoming server like this and because i am a respected player i will get alot of players over to this server whitch will be good!

i know that i should not be mod yet as i'v only been playing for the past 4 days but i have been active and i will stay active, i think when we get more players i should be a mod because im nice, helpful, active, i get along with everyone i have come across, im co-operative and will help with patching some big glitches that i know about. if i become a mod i would not change i would still be ncie, helpful, active and get along with everyone because thats just me.

if i was a mod and came across people breakign the rules, depending on the seriousness of the rule being broken would the seriousness of the action i would take to deal with the player breaking the rule.

i will be active almost atleast 2-3hours a day.

i'm 17, and to be fair i just enjoy playing rsps since my runescape account got perm banned for ever.
i will try my upmost best to be on the forums alot but im not really a forums person, i like the play the server more than sit on the forums.

i hope that you like this application for the future.
Firecape v1 -
Billie -
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PostSubject: Re: future mod application   Thu Nov 17, 2011 3:48 pm

Deined, locked. follow the guide lines.
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future mod application
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