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 [11.16.11] Down time, Fagex, Future.

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PostSubject: [11.16.11] Down time, Fagex, Future.   Wed Nov 16, 2011 8:43 am

Now, Let's start off with the 12-14 hour down time. The 12-14 hour downtime was caused by me turning the server off too configure loads of updates. If you log into the game now, many things have changed. There's less lagg, Higher frame rates, no disconnections. I ran into a few problems down the road too doing these updates, but i fought through them and got the server back up ASAP.

Now, Fagex.

Fagex has been putting pressure on my VPS company, Saying they're ready too take legal actions against my VPS company, And Deathly-Hallows. This morning I revived an E-mail from one of Fagex's lawyers. The E-Mail stated that Fagex is going too lower the pressure, that they've got bigger problems too deal with for now. But they'll still be watching us. So my response too that is. Server name may change within the next month or two.

The future of Deathly-Hallows is looking bright right now. We would like too congratulate that with a drop party, Hosted at the new 100% drop party room in Falador. The drop party will be Friday 10PM Eastern Standard Time. We hope everyone will come and join us for this drop party.

In other news, Koala sex has been promoted too in-game moderator. If you see him in game, congratulate him.


Deathly-Hallows staff.
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[11.16.11] Down time, Fagex, Future.
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