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 Requesting Stickie's

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PostSubject: Requesting Stickie's   Wed Nov 16, 2011 6:35 am


Okay this topic is about me sticking the main guide's that i think are best, If you think otherwise please post a comment and if you wish to request a sticky please post on this topic. You can also request to combine/merge to topic because they might be the same or they are on the same topic. I will start sticking the topic's as soon as i can. Please no bullshit comments like nice topic, It's really not needed. It's either i disagree with this guide being sticked or, i would like my guide sticked please.

Guide Name:

Why Your guide should be sticked:


Any good feedback on you guide?:

Thank you.

I will also talk this through with Twink And Kevin before i do anything.
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Requesting Stickie's
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