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 gf r4ng3r mod apply (after twinky format)

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gf r4ng3r


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PostSubject: gf r4ng3r mod apply (after twinky format)   Sat Nov 12, 2011 6:47 am

]1. You MUST have GOOD use of grammar. Or your post will get locked instantly. i think this will be a good grammar Very Happy
2. You MUST be active on the forums, with 15+ Post. i got 24posts
3. Been playing the server for atleast 2-3 weeks. been playing for a month or so
4. Have talked too me and Kevin outside of the server. (Skype, Xbox, Chatbox.) talk to kyle alot when he is online sometimes twinky Smile
5. Must have 1 person saying you help people. ive helped more then 1player

Real Name: Ísidór freyr

In-Game Name: gf r4ng3r

Age: 13

Location: kópavogur/Ísland

Why You Deserve Staff: ive been helpfull on server

Will You Ever Support This Server by donating Soon: sorry i dont got credit card/paybal Sad and dont got enough rsgp

Extra Information: NONE

have you been staff on other server: ive been mod 3times and 2admin server names runnyworld-forgot server name-aiimscape

what whould you do if you will get staff?: be really helpful must active online ETC

sorry ive been not online alot kus of school had 3test this week and server been error Sad so :S im online alot now Very Happy

and koala sex-twinky-kyle can you guys delte my other applys?
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PostSubject: Re: gf r4ng3r mod apply (after twinky format)   Sat Nov 12, 2011 12:01 pm

Reason, Grammar.
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gf r4ng3r mod apply (after twinky format)
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