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 [11.11.11] Multiple server updates, Ideas, Staff.

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PostSubject: [11.11.11] Multiple server updates, Ideas, Staff.   Thu Nov 10, 2011 1:29 am

Now i know it's only the 10th, So these updates will be released on the 11th.

Now this update has been kept a secret, and took alot of hardwork.. I've been working on it for 2 weeks now. No one knew about it. Not even kevin. Some people have seen them. I have added REV HUNTING. Now, this isn't really something you see in alot of servers. Now this is a great way too get PvP armours/weps. Chaotics. And the hardest part about this update was spreading them out around all of the wild. And adding all of the drops, and the animations etc. Hope you guys enjoy this update.

Now for the second update, most of you have notcied a TON of DC's latley. Well my bad on that. It was a coding error when i was trying too change the save methods. Instead of doing a mass save on the char files server 30 mins, I decided too do individual saves on char files every 30 seconds. So if the server picked your account when the 30 second timer was up, you woulda got kicked too get your account saved. That glitch should be fixed now.

Server stablity, simple server stablity added.

New idea, tell me how you feel about it. Suggested by kevin, every weekend there would be a command called ::weekend It would take you DEEP in the wild, where pking is aloud, and there would be monsters that don't hit often but have a ton of hitpoints. They will drop diffrent items every weekend. And have a very high drop rate. There will also be a portal there that you can teleport out of. Now pking is aloud there. And you can get TB'd and not be able too use the portal, so you gotta watch out for that. So tell me your guys's thoughts on that.

Now, You guys may already know but theres a new forum moderator Koala Sex. The reason I have choosen them too be forum moderator is, there mature, we talk on skype, great personality. Been with deathlyhallows for a month. almost 2. Very active. So. this concludes server updates.

Thanks for viewing,

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PostSubject: Re: [11.11.11] Multiple server updates, Ideas, Staff.   Thu Nov 10, 2011 10:12 pm

Thats some awesome updates , and especially the rev hunting , great way to get pro items and for people who aren't able to donate.
And guys , i talk to twinky everyday on skype and i knew how hard he was working the last 2 weeks. The rev hunting took along time , i can tell and guys it takes along time to find the coords to the wildy and etc. So yeah guys , for the people who know how to code , even a little bit you can tell how hard it is. So i appreicate all the work twinky has doen and will do even tho he messes up or anything , it takes alot of hes life time to do all this. so appreicate that a bit :\


#Supporter Of the Deathly-Hallows , Kevin


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[11.11.11] Multiple server updates, Ideas, Staff.
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