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 since everyone else is and im on most (ask kevin :) )

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PostSubject: since everyone else is and im on most (ask kevin :) )   Mon Oct 31, 2011 5:59 am

mod application:
been mod/admin on countless servers so i dont abuse powers
im not gunna say il be there for all new players coz new people join all time i wont be on for them all but if anyone needs help im happy too help i know a fair bit about the server (not everything only twinky will)
i wanted to even just apply for dicer but that will never happen haha
im on server when twinky and kevin are of as our time zones are different im from australia
(any questions ask :p) im 18 so yea im mature to a standard i know how to take a joke without takeing it hella serious -.-
putting this in as kevin is my bitch !
and even if i need twinky or kevin i can just pm them over skype

eh my application not fussy if i get or not il still be playing ..... i will be donating just lost job so i has no money at moment hahahaha been playing rsps's for few years now so yea :p

have fun on server all. cheers
p.s message me if needed king also got swag Wink
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since everyone else is and im on most (ask kevin :) )
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