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 The big ECO world update.

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PostSubject: The big ECO world update.   Sun Oct 30, 2011 9:32 am

Most of you have already quit by the time i have posted this. But let me explain this update. The first world, which is online right now, which used too be PK only with boss killing. Is now ECO world. Now all accounts have been reset. Most of you have been very mad about this. But let me explain this. When world 2 comes up, which will be the pking world. You WILL get your account back on that world. Now let me list the updates i have done too the ECO world.

- Reset char files, saved into a hard drive so you guys can get back when world 2 Comes out!
- Changed the starter. You now get 10m instead of 500m
- If you donated, you WILL recive you items on the ECO world.
- Increased drop rates!
- down graded the boss's crit hits.
- Took some items out of shops.
- Changed theving items.
- Made some Donator only areas.
- Double exp is on till November 1st.
- Mod jesse promoted too moderator.
- added more drops too godwars npc's.
- Took out ::master and ::pure
- Edited theving a bit.
- down graded some skills EXP.
- Boosted fishings exp.

Now, we will be choosing a moderator tommrow, the day of halloween. We have a few players that we think would make a good moderator of deathly-hallows.

Thanks for viewing, twinky.
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The big ECO world update.
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