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 Sabrina Mod/Admin Application

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PostSubject: Sabrina Mod/Admin Application   Fri Oct 21, 2011 4:49 pm

I Made My Format !! You can Take it If you want.

Ingame name- Sabrina

real name- Sabrina

how old are you?- 15 1996/03/25

How long have you been playing the server?- 2 days hehe.

Why do you think you should be a (insert position here) of extreme-scape? Cuz im a Nice person and i Would Help everyone needs it ! And My Bro is a Real good coder for RSPS and Other Things Like C++ and He is Teaching me How to do those thing's ! So i'll be able to help in everything that you need someone to code it !

Why do you think you deserve it? Because i'm Helpful And Veryy Sociable And in about 1 weeks i'll be able to make Many things (coding)

How long can you play each day?- I got School So About 6-8 Hours Sometimes im Gone But Rarely !

Are you active on both forums and ingame?- I'm Actually Already Always On Both Because i Advertise for the server so i Help New People's coming.

Have you broken any rules?- Never I Respect every Rules Because i know i can get in trouble if i broke it and i don't like getting in trouble and i wouldn't like to get Hate

Do players like you?- Of Courses Everybody like's Me cuz im always Happy ! And Sociable I can Answer at Most of the question's I can start a nice convo with anyone's cuz i like to talk to people's , Helping them And Giving them the nice way.

Tell us about yourself-I am 15 years old , In High School. I am Always in Good mood's i'll Never do my Boss (if im staff) Ill be playing as a Player that Help alot but in case Of : Troll , Spam , Advertise , Flame I'll give advertissement And then i'll be Jailing or Asking owner What to do But normally i can take good decision Alone !
Actually I am A Sociable Person , Helping Person , Lovable person !
I Hope you'll like Me , But im Sure you will

Tell us what you can do to make this server better as (insert) : I Can Help this Server By Advertising Making this Popular , Making it Better , Finding Glitches and Fix them
I'll Be always a Helpful person i will work hard for this Server to become a Nice and playable Server (not Telling its a Awful Server it's a Real nice server But i can make this Better With owner Help !)

Thanks - Sabrina
To all Players ! I Hope you like me As ; Mod , Admin Or a Normal Player ! i'll be always there for everyone if need's to talk to someone come to me !
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Sabrina Mod/Admin Application
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