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 M8 U 8 2 L8's Mod Application.

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m8 u 8 2 l8

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PostSubject: M8 U 8 2 L8's Mod Application.   Thu Oct 20, 2011 7:28 pm

Name : Sam

In-game name : M8 U 8 2 L8

Age : 16

Location : Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (Not sure about the time zone)

Why I deserve staff : To be honest, I think I should be staff because I am :

1. A very nice player. I tend to help new players as much as possible, as well as the older players.
2. I am very active on this server. As other players may have noticed, I play about 2 hours + everyday.
3. I am mature enough. I have been mod/admin on countless servers in the pass (for example Epicscape, EpicRus, Rune-xile, Egde4pk are a few that come to mind). This is to prove that I can control powers responsibly and appropriately.

Can you provide any witnesses? C'MON! Honestly (not bragging or anything) to my knowledge, I am friendly to ALL of the players I've met. Some names that come to mind are Gibs (Wagwan), Peanutz (Your welcoem for the handcannon), I am legend, Kevin<3, Zachmaster247, and maybe even Twinky. (If am missing anyone, am sorryD:, but am sure you would support me).

Will I ever donate? For sure. This is a great server and I will definitely donate when I feel that the server has reached a stable amount of regular players.

Extra Information - I tend to ego and tease alot of other players but I assure you that I am only doing it as a joke. If anyone has taken my trolling/ego-ing seriously, I apologize. Other than that, I hope I can join the team and am sure I won't disappoint anyone. Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: M8 U 8 2 L8's Mod Application.   Thu Oct 20, 2011 8:27 pm

Nice work , haha.


#Supporter Of the Deathly-Hallows , Kevin


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M8 U 8 2 L8's Mod Application.
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