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 Fletching Guide !

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PostSubject: Fletching Guide !   Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:50 pm

People say Fletching is hard, if you have the items and patience it is really easy.

What will you find in this thread:

1 - Getting started
2 - Items
3 - Leveling
4 - Tips
5 - Conclusion

Getting Started

Start by going to your spellbook, and choose the Skill Teleport spell, in normal spellbook it's the Ardougne one.


You will need: lol!

Knife - You can get this item at the skilling shop.

Logs - You can get this item from the woodcutting skill.

Where to get them? Question

Once in catherby fishing shop talk to Bob and buy a knife.

You can get the logs at the trees just next to fishing shop, so be sure that you have a high woodcutting level before fletching.

Leveling cheers

Arrow Shafts
Level 1 - 5

Normal Longbow
Level 5 - 35

Willow Longbow
Level 35 - 65

Yew Longbow
Level 65 - 80

Magic Longbow
Level 80 - 99


Hope u Enjoy;)
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Fletching Guide !
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